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Mizuki (PC & Quest)




There is now a male version of Yami 


    •   Everything is included inside the unitypackage
if any issues join my server

Other → 
    •   Phys bone
    •   Lip Sync
    •   Eye Tracking
    •   Full-body Tracking

Guide to install
1 - Create a new project in unity
2 - Import VRCSDK
3 - Import the avatar package into unity
4 - Show VRChat SDK Control Panel & log in and click upload

I am not responsible for helping with unity problems. Do not buy if you have no/little unity knowledge!
    •   PoiyomiShaders ( i used Poiyomi Toon V7.1.60)
    •   Liltoon
    •   Unity 2019.4.31f1

    •   Hoodie & Hat  - друг
    •   Shirt By Velvet#0888 - Their shop
    •   Eye Texture By Chokie's Goodies
    •   Star Trails By laziness
    •   With help of Av3Creator
Everything else is from scratch made by Nyakoh#6666


Purchase Rules
DO NOT chargeback or refund after purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 
I am not held accountable for any future game updates that may break the avatar.

Paws OwO


→ Uploading this model in a state where it can be used by anyone other than the purchaser is prohibited

→ Any act of sale or redistribution is prohibited.

→ Whole or part of model such as original model, modification, texture,  Any act of sale or redistribution including data is prohibited

→ By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change and the latest version

→ ONE personal license per avatar. (You are the only one authorized to use the avatar)

→ No sharing to anyone 

My policies on posting art of my avatars or pictures of yourself wearing my avatars on social media:

Instagram - Must tag @Nyakohvr
Snapchat, Tiktok, Twitch - If someone asks who made it/where to get it tell them to add me on Discord through Nyakoh#6666

Please feel free to contact me for any bug reports, questions, or requests regarding this product. 

i do not guarantee that i will be able to respond to all requests, i recommend that you to join my server as i  will also be announcing version updates.

Discord → Discord/Nyakoh

You will get the following files:

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