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Product Information

141k tris

42 materials

21 Meshes

198 Bones

Skirt cloth


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• Clothing Menu: shirt, Top, Sleeves, Skirt, Shorts, Bra, Panties, Armwarmer, Legwarmer, Pasties, harness,

• Accessories Menu: Straps, Thigh highs, Arm Bandage, Bandages, EyePath, Ears, Tail, Bun Bag,

• hair options | short hair, Hairpins,White hair

• Toggles | Breath, Trails,


Basic understanding of Unity in order to upload an avatar.

  • Poiyomi Pro ($10) (Click here) Free veri ( Click here )

  • Latest VRChat SDK (Click here) - VRChat Creator Companion optional

I am not responsible for helping with unity problems. Do not buy if you have no/little unity knowledge!

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TOS applies to all current and future content

The contents of the TOS are subject to change and it applies to all content regardless of user purchase date.

This are 3D Packages so you cannot refund it. Make sure to read everything before buying. Do not agree to the terms if you don’t understand. This counts for ALL my models.

By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change and the latest version

Uploading this model in a state where it can be used by anyone other than the purchaser is prohibited

  • Any of my sale models is not allowed to be public by other people but me.
  • I am not responsible if you break anything while importing, uploading or editing.
  • Nyakoh does not guarantee or take any part in any troubles or disadvantages caused by using this 3D model.

  • Your license is only valid if you provide the approprate information asked at check out (Full Discord Tag + VRC name) if that isnt provided your purchase cannot be linked to you and will not be valid

  • You can gift this product but only person from purchase form (discord tag and other information asked for)
  • Which means you dont have license for this product if your buying this for a friend, if you have their information in the form whenever you are buying this product. Only they have the license which means your not allowed to use this product unless if your buying it for yourself too, with your information.

  • ONE personal license per avatar. (You are the only one authorized to use the avatar)
  •  No sharing to anyone 
  • My Products is non-refundable


You are allowed to use this model for Streams/Tiktoks/Twitter/Twitch/Youtube/P*rnhub/OnlyFans/ETC. On any platform with social media, just make sure to credit me and link back to my shop


you CANNOT reuse the parts on my model in ANY way or my asset edits. you MUST purchase/obtain all assets from the appropriate creators (listed in credits) included the assets i have made.

  •  Head (Sivka#3788)


Discord server

Shop link

  •  Base (Torinyan)

┕ Bra Panties

  •  Skirt & Top (друг)

  •  Bow Tie by Nyakoh#6666

┕ Sleeves by Nyakoh#6666 / Metal straps by (bunisu#4924)

  •  Thigh highs, Metal straps, Shorts, (bunisu#4924)

  •  Furry feet By Nyakoh#6666 (DONT REUSE)

  •  Harness By Nyakoh#6666

  •  Eyepath, Bandages By Nyakoh#6666

  •  Tail By Nyakoh#6666 / Metal straps by (bunisu#4924)

  •  Ears By (default #7777)

  •  Hair By Nyakoh#6666

  •  Bun Bag By Nyakoh#6666

  •  Bloody Bandage by (wen#4076)

  •  LegWarmer & Armwarmer By Nyakoh#6666

  •  Shirt by (Cupkake#6666) - NITRO ASSET -

┕ Textures by Nyakoh#6666

  •  Belly piercing by Nyakoh#6666

  •  Pasties By Nyakoh#6666

  •  Body Tattoos by Nyakoh#6666

  •  Face Texture by (Birdy) DO NOT REUSE!

  •  Trails By ( Xxuebi )

  •  Breath By ( Raivo )

Av3Creator ( Rafa )

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Please feel free to contact me for any bug reports, questions, or requests regarding this product. 

i do not guarantee that i will be able to respond to all requests, i recommend that you to join my server as i will also be announcing version updates.

Discord server → Discord/BunCafe

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (395MB) file

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