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thigh highs




all above is all made by me

Material work By : Birdy

Birdy's Discord : Here

Unity work By : Razor

Edited goco by : Razor

Hoodie Bones : Boo

Short Hair : Miru

Long Hair : Saikura

• Furry legs : Graveyard

Leg Bones : Graveyard

Dragon Tail : Graveyard

• Glove : heavensdead

• Shoes : Sicky

• Glowsticks : The Family Business

• Laser : Liindy

• Simple : [ZEP]

• Smoke Effect : Raivo

• Trails : Xxuebi

• Follower : Beartrap


Basic understanding of Unity in order to upload an avatar.

  • Poiyomi Toon v8.1.167 Click here )

  • Latest VRChat SDK (Click here) - VRChat Creator Companion optional

I am not responsible for helping with unity problems. Do not buy if you have no/little unity knowledge!

So Please make sure before contacting me that you have tried everything

  • ´Make a new project
  • Make sure u imported all the right shaders which is above this
  •  if shaders are pink while still having the right shader imported select the all the materials and make sure its the version of poiyomi,
  • Reselling the model or its parts IS NOT ALLOWED
  •  Sharing or redistributing the model and its assets is PROHIBITED
  • Making This Model Public IS NOT ALLOWED  edited or not
  • You may NOT claim this model as your own/and or made by you
  • You may not buy this product and ask for a refund. All digital sales Final

  • If you are buying my model as a gift for someone, you must put their email/Their information at checkout. You may not put your email at checkout and give them the model afterwards. 

You may not upload for anyone else but yourself, unless both parties have personal rights to the package. This means that you and the other person must have purchased the model separately.

You will get a UNITYPACKAGE (152MB) file

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3 weeks ago


Super cute I js can't wait to get her this week I JUST LOVE HER :D!!