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Yami (PC & QUEST)

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  • Yami was supposed to be my first scratch model but.... apyr's hoodie and hat is so cute but everything else is from scratch ! 

Model information
⸝⸝ ♡ Number of polygons
→ PC 98,544 >>

→ Quest53,280 >>

⸝⸝ ♡ Performance Rank
→ Very Poor (PC AND QUEST)

⸝⸝ ♡ Materials in total
→ 22 Materials



(PC) - 25 USD
(Quest) +5 USD

To purchase you will have to message me on discord Nyakoh#6666
    •   i do need ur username and password (feel free to change it temporarily)       → Sometimes your username may not work, so sometimes i would need the email.

    •   You need to be atleast new user 


    •   UnityPackage 
    •   Blend File
    •   FBX 

Other → 
    •   Phys bone
    •   Lip Sync
    •   Eye Tracking
    •   Full-body Tracking
Guide to install
1 - Create a new project in unity
2 - Import VRCSDK
3 - Import the avatar package into unity
4 - Show VRChat SDK Control Panel & log in and click upload

Pictures Taken By Weeblo#9690



I am not responsible for helping with unity problems. Do not buy if you have no/little unity knowledge!
    •   PoiyomiShaders ( i used Poiyomi Toon V7.1.60)
    •   Liltoon
    •   Unity 2019.4.31f1


Please feel free to contact me for any bug reports, questions, or requests regarding this product. 

i do not guarantee that i will be able to respond to all requests, i recommend that you to join my server as i  will also be announcing version updates.

Discord → Discord/Nyakoh


    •   Hoodie & Hat  - друг
    •   Eye Texture By Chokie's Goodies
    •   With help of Av3Creator
Everything else is from scratch made by Nyakoh#6666

Purchase Rules
DO NOT chargeback or refund after purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 
I am not held accountable for any future game updates that may break the avatar.



Uploading this model in a state where it can be used by anyone other than the purchaser is prohibited

Any act of sale or redistribution is prohibited.

Whole or part of model such as original model, modification, texture,  Any act of sale or redistribution including data is prohibited

By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change and the latest version

ONE personal license per avatar. (You are the only one authorized to use the avatar)

No sharing to anyone 

You will get the following files:

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Verified Buyer

1 year ago

Amazing avatar!

I seen this one in game before she came out and OMG she is so fricken cute- Def worth the purchase, and one I will not forget