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Product is non-refundable
DO NOT chargeback or refund after purchase. ALL SALES ARE FINAL.        
DO NOT share my products anywhere, nor give out to anyone under any circumstances
 •  Your license is only valid if you provide the approprate information asked at check out (Full Discord Tag + VRC name) if that isnt provided your purchase cannot be linked to you and will not be valid

 •  you can gift this product but only person from purchase form (discord tag and other information asked for)


- > Which means you dont have license for this product if your buying this for a friend, if you have their information in the form whenever you are buying this product. Only they have the license which means your not allowed to use this product unless if your buying it for yourself too, with your information.


❀ Commercial TERMS OF SERVICE ❀

My assets may not be sold on anything lower than the price of said asset itself
→ if you used multiple assets of mine on a complete model it cannot go lower then 25$

   •  Proper credit, if there isn’t any proper credit, you gotta take the model down or change what asset you used by me.

        •  (1) How do i credit you properly?
  → (Product name) By Nyakoh#6666 

        •  (2) Will i be in trouble if i dont credit your link? (discord is NEEDED with numbers)
→ The answer is short, but No it would be appreciated if you did tho

                                            —͙ – -

        •  You must inform your customers that my assets cannot be resold/reused ON FINAL MODEL)  

        • Commercial use can only be resold if featured on a completed character with credit to the store you purchased it from. Item can not be sold on their own even if edited.



꒰ ✎ Disclaimer

Nyakoh does not guarantee or take any part in any troubles or disadvantages caused by using this 3D model. - If a situation occurs in which this agreement cannot deal with malicious use of this 3D model.

By purchasing this model, you are deemed to have agreed to these terms and conditions. The contents of the Terms of Use are subject to change and the latest version.

I am not responsible if you break anything while importing, uploading or editing.


Any Questions? Dm me!

Twitter: @NyakohS
Discord: Nyakoh#6666

╰・┈・❀・┈・ ‧₊˚ ୧ (˶• ֊ •˶)
You will get a FBX (2MB) file

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